Currachmore Trophy Results

In this competition Team A played Team B and Team C played Team D over 3 ends. The winners of each mini-game then played 4 ends against each other to determine the winner of the Currachmore trophy whilst the 2 losing teams played each other. Afterwards we had our Christmas meal which was very enjoyable.

The results of the mini games were as follows:

Team A – D MacLeod, C Abercrombie, G Fitzpatrick, L Macnair

Team B – V Saville, M Abercrombie, R Hotchkiss, L Macnair Jnr

Team C – M McCulloch, L McConnell, L Hemmingway, R Macnair

Team D – M Bain, T Smith, D McConnell, F Macnair,

Winners game

Team A      3 – 4    Team C

Congratulations to Team C on winning a very nice trophy.