Doune Castle Trophy

Wednesday 17th January 2018, 6.15pm

This is a competition for Novice Skips. Members of the club who do not normally skip a team are given the chance to show off their skill and understanding of the game. The are (ably?) supported by more experience members of the club.

Team A – R Macnair, V Saville, J Corser, T Smith

Team B – R Hotchkiss, M Bain, F Macnair, M Abercrombie

Team C – E Banks, D MacLeod, L Hemmingway, M Cheyne

Team D – L Macnair, P Jones, J Wesley, H Tobin

The first named person is the Skip for the night and the second named person is to play 3rd.

Team A v Team B and Team C v Team D. The winner is the skip and team with the most shots up.