General Etiquette


Curling is a team sport, and curlers who gel as a team get the best from each other and make worthy opponents. Confidence comes from knowing what is expected of you and knowing you can do it.

These tips are to help you when you start curling and to be read over every so often by established curlers. They are at the heart of every happy curler and successful team.

All players
If you can’t play a fixture it’s up to you to organise a substitute. Give priority to the members in your squad (MacAlpine and Bain games) before trying other members of the Club.  Once you have found a substitute tell your Skip.

All players
Be ready – with suitable clothing, footwear and brush – to go on the ice immediately the Start-of-Session bell rings and greet all the other players with a friendly handshake.

Before the start of the First End have a coin ready and toss with the opposing Lead. The winner of the toss usually asks the loser to choose the colour of stone they wish to play with and to throw the first stone of the first End. The team that plays the second stone will also play the last stone which can be an advantage.

Start of Subsequent Ends. The Lead of the team winning an end plays the first stone of the next End so should be in the Hack ready to play promptly. After that, if time allows, the stones can be organised.

The Lead should also place their Skip’s stone by the Hack when it is their turn to play.

Keep the Score.

The score cards should be completed with the date, name of competition and names of all those playing.

Sometimes the Seconds agree that after each End one will update the Score Card and the other will keep the Scoreboard up to date.

Help the Lead organise your team’s stones after each End.

Support and encourage the Lead and Second in their play.

Be in the Head when the Skip is playing their stones.

The Thirds alone agree the number of scoring stones at the finish of each end and tell the Scorers (Seconds).

The Skip directs the game for their Team.

Goes to the Head to be played and calls promptly for the first stone.

Gives a clear signal of how each stone is to be played.

Calls or signals for sweeping to begin and end when they can see it is needed to keep a stone on the desired line.

Always encourages the Team.

All players
Be ready to sweep or stop sweeping when the Skip or Third calls. If you think a stone should be swept because it is light and unlikely to make it to the Hog line you should sweep immediately and shout to your Skip that the stone is light.

Sweep across the line the stone is moving.

Be careful not to touch the moving stone: if you do you should tell your Skip immediately.

Only one member of each team may sweep behind the Tee Line – it does not have to be the Skip.

When not playing you should stand between the Hog Lines: only the Skip and Third may stand in or behind the Head being played.


All players
Thank your opponents and shake their hands.

Tally the Score Card and make sure both Skips sign it then hand the card to the Secretary without delay or leave it behind the front of the Doune Curling Club noticeboard .

When you want to find out more information or ask advice don’t hesitate to ask any member of the committee or your Skip.

If you want to know even more, you’ll find lots of information and the Rules of The Game on

Finally, if you have any views on what prospective or beginner curlers need to know please let a Committee member know.