Fact and Figures about Doune CC

Annual subscriptions for Doune Curling Club are now due to the Treasurer – D MacLeod: adults (£35.00), juniors (£6.00). Non-mother club and non-playing members (£16.00). Subscriptions and the projected number of ‘game credits’ until the end of 2017 must be paid before 10th September 2017. Game credits for the second half of the season will be due by 14th January 2018. Junior members:- the club will subsidise each junior £1.00 per game which will be payable at the end of the season.

Doune Curling Club has achieved Chartered Club status and as a result is eligible for a 25% reduction in ice fees for club games. It has been agreed that each person should buy 5, 10 or 15 ‘game credits’ at the beginning of the season and use these to ‘pay’ for the games they play during the season.

A club game will cost £8.50. Thus you can pay £42.50 for 5 ‘game credits’ or £85.00 for 10 ‘game credits’ or £127.50 for 15 ‘game credits’. Cash, cheques (payable to Doune Curling Club) or electronic bank transfer (Sort Code 80-06-47, Account number 00338144, please include your name in the Reference field) should be paid to D MacLeod before 10th September 2017. Please email Donnie after an electronic payment to let him know what the payment is for e.g. subscription and 5 games. More game credits can be bought during the season and any game credits remaining at the end of the season can be refunded or carried forward to the next season.

Province games will be charged at £8.50 per game and will be deducted from ‘game credits’. Please keep a record of when you play in these games as a 50p per game refund will be given at the end of the season.

The Skip for external games (e.g. Divison 2) will collect £10.50 in cash from each player on the night and pay at reception before the game. These games are not included in your ‘game credits’.

The game times for ice in the National Curling Academy will be 6.30pm – 8.30pm and 9.00pm to 11.00pm.

All people playing in the Pairs competition will use their prepaid credits for their games.

The cost of the Warm Up and the Points competition is part of your subscription so you will not be ‘charged’ a game credit for taking part. The 4 people with the highest number of points will be invited to play in the Province Points competition in the latter part of the season.

The Skip/person marked (T) for each team is responsible for checking that all members of their team can play on the night in question and that they have transport to get to the ice rink.

The winning skip is responsible for checking that the card has been completed correctly and returning it to V Saville. The card should clearly show: the date, the competition and teams playing and most importantly the names of all the people who played (or who should have been playing if someone is absent).

Curlers unable to play when they are scheduled to play are responsible for arranging their own substitutes or one of their pre- purchased ‘game credits’ will be deducted by the Secretary.

To be able to play for Doune Curling Club on the ice at the PEAK you will have to apply for an Active Stirling Living Card prior to your first game.