MacAlpine Trophy

This is our Winter League competition. The squads and dates of the games are shown below.

Team A – P Jones, L McConnell, M Cheyne, H Tobin, R Hotchkiss, F Manair

Team B – D McConnell, V Saville, L Hemmingway, C Abercrombie, C Watkin, R Macnair

Team C – M Abercrombie, D MacLeod, J Corser, D McIntosh, B Martin, E Banks

Team D – M Bain, J Innes Jnr, T Smith, L Macnair, G Fitzpatrick, J Wesley

Monday                11th September                      8.30pm                        A v B

Wednesday          20th September                       8.30pm                        C v D

Monday                25th September                       8.30pm                        A v C

Wednesday          27th September                       6.15pm                        B v D

Wednesday          4th October                              6.15pm                        B v C

Monday               9th October                              6.30pm (NCA)             A v D

Wednesday          11th October                            8.30pm                        C v D

Monday                23rd October                            6.15pm                        A v B

Wednesday          25th October                            8.30pm                        A v C

Wednesday          1st November                          6.15pm                        B v C

Wednesday          15th November                        8.30pm                        B v D

Wednesday          29th November                        6.15pm                        A v D