W C Smith Shield Result

The annual game between teams selected by the President and the Secretary took place on Thursday 29th March 2018 and was the final game of the season.

It was a close game. The Secretaries team took a 4 point lead after 2 ends but the President’s team fought back hard and after 5 ends it was 4 all. In the 6th end the Presidents team scored 2 points putting the pressure back on the Secretaries team to score in the 7th end. The last shot of the game was to promote a stone from outside the house to hit one in the house so that it would move the Presidents stone out and the Secretaries team would lie 3 and win the competition. Unfortunately the stone just caught a stone on the wrong side and failed to move the Presidents stone thus meaning the Secretaries team only scored 1 giving a final score of 6 -5 to the Presidents team.

Congratulations to G Fitzpatrick, P Jones, F Macnair and E Banks and commiserations to V Saville, D MacLeod, R Macnair and T Smith.

Another season over …… and another to look forward to !!